Friday, January 2, 2015

Remembering Leo Fender

Even though he never managed to learn how to play the guitar, does Leo Fender’s skills are rather reserved for making great guitars and associated gear?

 By: Ringo Bones

Even though the idea of Leo Fender never even bothered to check out a Mel Bay chord-book in order to allow him to better play the iconic inventions and innovations he produced over the decades, the very idea can be disconcerting given that the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar – probably his best innovations – is played by almost all of the world’s greatest guitarists of all time. Sadly, he passed away back in March 21, 1991 and still I wonder if he ever knew that what he created 50 years ago will stand the test of time and will be imprinted on the minds of most of the Earth’s population whenever they are asked to describe what a great electric guitar looks like.

Not only the Fender Stratocaster - which celebrated its 60th Birthday back in 2014, but also the Fender Champ and scores of other vacuum tube equipped electric guitar amplifiers has since became the bread and butter of electric guitar based music making all over the planet. Even though a certain touring guitarist will play Marshall stacks in a “stadium rock” setting – when it comes to recording studio work or strumming for inspirations for the next big hit at home, he or she inevitably choose one of Leo Fender’s vacuum tube electric guitar amplifiers designed and first released during the 1950s. 

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  1. Weird how - given that he was a gifted Luthier - Leo Fender never picked up a Mel May Chordbook and taught himself how to play the 6-string guitar.